New paper from Chris Sandom et al. has used palaeoecological beetle data to recreate vegetation structure before the extinction of megafauna.

Hedgehogs have been around for 15-20 million years, so would have existed at the same time as some of these large herbivores. I certainly can see hedgehogs benefiting from the diverse vegetation types that were present at this time. It is no wonder they are in decline if you compare that landscape with todays heavily farmed countryside.

Just yesterday I was discussing the benefits of restoring natural wilderness, known as rewilding, in Britain for hedgehogs. The introduction of wolves (controversial I know) may reduce badger numbers, therefore reducing badger predation on hedgehogs. Better still wolves may increase earthworm numbers, which badgers would much prefer to eat then tackling a hedgehog. Only early thoughts but I'll definitely be further investigating the benefits of rewilding for hedgehogs.